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Our calendars come in three distinct styles to chose from, including a new windows ad format.  No matter what your interest, there's a calendar for you.  There are far too many themes to list, so if you don't see a theme that interests you here, contact us and we'd be happy to help you find the one that suits your business and customers.


Spiral Binding
Spirals through circular holes in the paper that allow the calendar to open flat.
Open size : 10" x 19"

Windowed Ads
New - centered ad location offers unique location and distinct advertising option.
Open size : 10" x 17"

Stapled Binding
Uses staples in the fold of the calendar and is a standard choice for mailing.
Open size : 10" x 19"

Split theme minimum 150 per theme.

Split your order between themes to make 150 minimum order - minimum 50 calendars per theme.  MUST be same style binding, stapled or windowed.

Mini Calendars
Stapled binding mini calendars in 8 different themes are also available.
Open size is 6" x 12"
Starting from 89 each for 300+ quantities.


13 Month Calendar Themes

Wildlife Portraits - English or French
Includes Wright fishing chart & 13 beautiful wildlife photos.
Images of Ontario
13 scenes from across Ontario
Canadian Scenic - English or Bilingual
13 scenic photos from across Canada
Plus Many Many More...

Cost per unit

Spiral & Windowed


150 Qty.

300+ Qty.

150+ Qty

300+ Qty

Through 7-1-04





After 7-1-04





Vertical Hanger Calendars
Single picture, 12 sheet calendar.

Minimum 100